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Slim Aarons Poolside Novelties


Getty Images Gallery is delighted to announce the release of five new prints from Slim Aarons’ best-selling Kaufmann House series. These previously unseen vignettes expand the Gallery’s Poolside Story collection with stylish images from the day’s more intimate moments all highlighted by Southern California’s fabled golden light.

Collections / Photographers & Archives / Michael Ochs Archive

Michael Ochs Archive


The Michael Ochs Archive began as a record collection but soon grew to include 3 million photographs and assorted music ephemera. Ochs ran the archive personally for many years before selling it to Getty Images in 2007. The material is stored in Los Angeles and continues to be catalogued by a team of dedicated archivists. ⁠

Browse through the beautiful images of this collection: from scenes of classic rock and rhythm-and-blues to Golden Age Hollywood and urban landscapes, now available as fine art pigment prints.   ⁠

Collections / Curated Sets / Crowds


Crowd photographs are a special genre with strong historical roots. They benefit from repeated viewings and are sure to become conversation pieces in any space.

Each large gathering creates its own unique—and everchanging—energy. For example, within the photographs below you will find order and disorder; solemnity and jubilation; and shock and adoration. So enjoy this collection of sports fans, concertgoers, hysterical Beatles fans, theatrical first-nighters, sugar-starved children, New Year’s Eve festivities, festival lovers, and more.

Collections / Subjects / Contemporary



Bold. Bright. Graphic. Modern. 

Contemporary photography from Getty Images’ global network of contributors adds a sophisticated visual lift to any space. Explore our updated collection of aerial views, still life, architectural details, and landscapes specially chosen with an eye towards today’s interior design trends.


Collections / Heroes – The Exhibition

Heroes – The Exhibition

Sourced from the world-renowned Getty Images’ archival and contemporary libraries, Heroes – The Exhibition features over 100 photographs of artists at London’s iconic music and live entertainment venue. From The Beatles and The Rolling Stones in the 1960s, to present day chart-toppers Jay Z, Foo Fighters and The Prodigy.

Key photography features performances by the genre-defining David Bowie; the first headline rock show performed by T-Rex; the band holding the record for the most rock performances, Status Quo; Alice Cooper, who has so far performed in every decade since the 1960s; the female performer with the most performances, Whitney Houston; American pop superstar Prince, who played 35 concerts at the venue; iconic performances by Queen; and more recent performances by chart topping acts such as Taylor Swift, Beyoncé and Rhianna. Alongside photography of era-defining concerts, the exhibition showcases behind-the-scenes imagery from sound checks to crowd interaction, photocalls and artists leaving their handprints in the Wembley Park’s famous ‘Square of Fame’.

Collections / Curated Sets / Newly Added Works

Newly Added Works

Our latest collection is all about famous faces. Dylan. Bardot. Bowie. Ali. Audrey. Liz. All these and more of the most iconic and influential figures from the 1950s, 60s and 70s, now available in a series of dynamic and rarely-seen portraits from Getty Images’ archives. These are portraits with personality, informal and unguarded. All available as pigment prints on fine art Baryta paper executed to our darkroom standards.

Collections / Curated Sets / Inspiration


Be inspired and discover the timeless beauty of our vintage imagery.

Collections / Photographers & Archives / Tony Vaccaro

Tony Vaccaro

Tony Vaccaro (b. 1922) discovered photography as a high school student in New Rochelle, New York. With the outbreak of WWII, Tony joined the US Army and was assigned to the 83rd Infantry Division. After landing on the beach at Normandy, his division fought their way to Berlin, then on to Italy. With a sharp eye for composition, gesture and the decisive moment, Vaccaro surreptitiously captured over 8,000 photographs during the war on a smuggled Argus C3 camera. Crouching in foxholes on moonless nights, he developed the film in helmets and hung the negatives to dry on tree branches. His iconic—and unauthorized—representations led the BBC to describe Vaccaro as the war’s greatest combat photographer. The Italian press simply dubbed him, ‘Il Maestro’.

War photography was only the start of Tony’s career, however. In the three decades following his honorable discharge, Vaccaro photographed Europe’s postwar reconstruction then returned to the US and began a prolific editorial career shooting portraits, fashion, and travel for magazines such as LIFE, Newsweek, Flair and Harper’s Bazaar. He photographed and befriended many of the twentieth’s century leading figures, including John F. Kennedy, Greta Garbo, Pablo Picasso, Federico Fellini, Sophia Loren, Marlene Dietrich, Marcel Duchamp, Jackson Pollock, Georgia O’ Keeffe, Maria Callas, and more. 

At the age of 96, Tony is still alive and working from his studio in Queens, New York. Throughout his lifetime he earned numerous military and industry honors, published ten books of his work and was the subject of a feature-length documentary film. His photographs have been exhibited more than 250 times and are in the permanent collections of The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, the Centre Pompidou in Paris and the Library of Congress in Washington. Getty Images Gallery is honored to be the first gallery to offer a selection of open edition prints in partnership with the Tony Vaccaro Archive and the Monroe Gallery. 

Collections / Curated Sets / The Ages of Wembley

The Ages of Wembley

Wembley Park, North West London’s world-famous cultural neighbourhood, is delighted to announce Getty Images Gallery’s first exhibition in its new gallery space on Olympic Way.


The Ages of Wembley’ opens on 28 June as the first of a year-long programme of exhibitions presented by the curatorial team at Getty Images Gallery in a new space situated in Olympic Way, one of London’s iconic public spaces. Sourced from the world-renowned Getty Images’ archival and contemporary libraries, many of the photographs have never been seen before and are only now being discovered and shown as part of this exhibition.


The exhibition charts the emergence of Wembley Park as a world-famous leisure and entertainment destination from the 1920s onwards, highlighting parallels and references between historic uses of the area and recent developments.  Building on this international reputation, Wembley Park has in recent years been transformed and is now a landmark destination and place to live, with culture, entertainment and a community at its heart.

Collections / Curated Sets / Theater & Dance – Highlights

Theater & Dance – Highlights

Collections / Curated Sets / The Beatles – Highlights

The Beatles – Highlights

Collections / Curated Sets / Sports & Recreation – Best Of

Sports & Recreation – Best Of

Collections / Photographers & Archives / Slim Aarons / Slim, Rich & Famous

Slim, Rich & Famous

Collections / Curated Sets / The Rolling Stones – Highlights

The Rolling Stones – Highlights

Collections / Curated Sets / London – Roaring ’26: Jazz Age

London – Roaring ’26: Jazz Age

Collections / Curated Sets / Peacocks & Pinstripes

Peacocks & Pinstripes

Collections / Curated Sets / Londoners at Play

Londoners at Play

Collections / Curated Sets / London through a Lens

London through a Lens

Collections / Photographers & Archives / Kurt Hutton

Kurt Hutton

Collections / Subjects / Celebrities / Brigitte Bardot

Brigitte Bardot

Collections / Curated Sets / EAST