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Reminders of summer… Pennies. fine art photography

Reminders of summer… Pennies.

Magda Meersman 69240

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Peonies are only available between late May and early July. The peony was originally introduced as medicine. In fact, its ancient Japanese name Ebisugusuri literally means medicine from China. However, due to its beautiful and now mostly double blooms, in time, many decorative varieties were developed. In Japanese society, it was seen both as a medicine and a source of beauty.Honoured in many cultures, the common thread is that the flower always denotes luxury and indulgence.A joy for all the senses again.For years I experimented’ in the studio, to get that Flemish painter’s light? Well, I was born in Flanders, it must be in my blood? LOL.Anybody who likes my images, that my photos give something to… then, I have achieved my goal, that’s all there is to it, thank you.Have a wonderful day, filled with love and beauty, M, (*_*)

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