Getty Images Gallery is proud to present a new collection of prints from the Getty Images Hulton Archive.

Every month, a dedicated team of Getty Images archive editors scour the collections to find undiscovered gems in the stacks. Their selections are then passed on to the darkroom specialists, researchers and caption writers that bring the images to life.

Getty Images Gallery curator Shawn Waldron reviewed ten thousand of these ‘new’ archive images and hand-picked seventy-five to add to the Gallery catalogue. As seen here, the first of two collections (the next will be available in late October) is reflective of our broader catalogue, namely black and white images featuring celebrity, humour, sport, and everyday life.

The joy of an archive is discovering vintage images through modern eyes and finding new levels of understanding and appreciation. This collection does just that; indeed what is old is new again.

The collection is available as open edition resin and pigment prints, limited edition fibre, alongside modern Perspex face-mounts. Enquire here to learn more about becoming a Gallery partner and access the Hulton Archive print collection.